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German Jazz takes Jazz Festival up a notch

German Jazz takes Jazz Festival up a notch

The celebrated Windhoek Jazz Festival is set for an even steeper tangent when local coordinator, Florence Fortune Nanus return later this year from an intensive tour to Germany where she will be exposed to the latest trends public music entertainment.
Last week, Florence received her invitation to Germany from the German Ambassador, HE Christian Schlage, at a small reception at the embassy. Her invitation falls under the German Federal Government’s official Visitors’ Programme.
Florence is the Coordinator for Locality Marketing at the City of Windhoek. Part of her responsibilities is to coordinate the organising of the annual Windhoek Jazz Festival. During her trip to Germany, she will attend the Jazz Festival Moers from 09 to 16 May as the special guest of the festival organisers.
Joining a group ofjournalists, festival directors, representatives of music colleges, universities, research institutes and the music industry, Florence will have the opportunity to familiarise herself with Germany’s music scene and business. The programme includes meetings with various music organisations, with the creators of the world’s largest music expo WOMEX, and with artists from various music projects in reggae and hip-hop. She will also meet representatives of the project “Heimatlieder in Berlin” and members of selected bands and choirs. She is scheduled to visit the Barenboim-Said Academy in Berlin, the Popakademie in Baden-Württemberg and attend a world music course in Mannheim.

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