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Namdeb recycles

Namdeb said this week it strives to ensure minimal impact on the landscape and surrounding areas within which it operates. One of the initiatives undertaken to mitigate the environmental impact is that of a scrap removal programme where Namdeb partners with SA Metal Namibia. The programme recently reached a significant milestone as a result of cleaning up 29 scrap yards containing metal in the form of redundant vehicles, earthmoving vehicles, transformers, pipes and other steel components from mining operations.
The partnership with SA Metal has not only resulted in the clean-up of the 29 scrap yards, but has also completely rehabilitated the mining areas by removing all hazardous waste, domestic waste, rubber, tyres, and oil drums amongst others.
The programme is of huge benefit for Namdeb and the environment in which its mining operations are based. Apart from the environmental benefits, this programme also makes good financial sense, as the project is totally self-sustaining in terms of revenue.
This project scheme, together with Namdeb’s other environmental and corporate social responsibility programmes, demonstrate the organisation’s dedication to running a sustainable business. “It is our duty as a responsible corporate citizen to minimise the impact we have on our environment and direct surroundings. Processing and disposing of the waste in a responsible manner is one way in which we as Namdeb contribute to a safer and cleaner environment,” says Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi, chief executive officer of Namdeb.

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