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Union moves at TransNamib

With the recent threat of a strike from the workers at TransNamib, the Namibian Transport and Allied Workers Union (NATAU) and the TransNamib Holdings management this week started discussions for salary negotiations.
The Namibian Transport and Allied workers Union took the matter to the Office of the Labour Commissioner which has set the deadline for negotiations on 23 April 2016.
Speaking to the Economist, TransNamib managers said the main challenge they face is the financially precarious position of the company as the government is currently paying the wages of employees. “A submission with recommendations has been prepared by management for consideration of the Board. Management has proposed a workable solution to the current dilemma.” TransNamibs executive spokes person, Mr Struggle Ihuhua said.
Mr John Kwedi, the general secretary of the Namibian Transport and Allied Workers Union stated that the union had talks with the previous management of TransNamib for five years on salaries however the situation has remained stagnant. “We would like to propose a 14% to 25% increment as the workers salaries are currently 35% below the market” Kwedi said.
TransNamib disclosed that the Board has requested another month from the Union to finalise the new salary structure with salaries as close to market as possible for the Financial Year 2016/17, and to only negotiate thereafter. The TransNamib representatives said further detail could not be provided as it would constitute a case of “negotiating in bad faith”.

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