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“Educate a Million to Educate a Billion”

“Educate a Million to Educate a Billion”

With a brazen campaign titled “Educate a Million to Educate a Billion” Africa House, a social enterprise founded in 2012 held their recent flagship campaign titled Amani Exchange, a fund raising event that strives at providing local schools with materials such as textbooks, stationery and other supplies.
Africa House describes their operation as a social enterprise which is founded on the premise of Pan-Africanism which they explain as an ideology that encourages self-reliance and solidarity amongst Africans worldwide. The social enterprise was founded by university graduates and innovative thinkers, Ms Donnah Sitali, Micheal Kahorongo, and Zindri Swartz.
The Amani Campaign precedes a number of other campaigns that have been organised by Africa House such as the ‘Something old, Something Borrowed for Someone new’ which saw Africa House collaborating with different designers, make-up artists, and stylist to provide services to disadvantaged matriculates and helping them attend their matric farewell parties whilst mentoring them on the academic side.
Africa House also includes a subdivision organisation which focuses on arts empowerment in the areas of music, dance, fashion and theatre. Fusion strives to cultivate individuals in the arts and help them achieve financial self-autonomy, debunking the stereotypical notion that the arts do not pay. ‘’It takes a village to raise a child and Africa House just wants to be a reminder that we are all a part of that village, that’s what we are striving towards,’’ the chief operations officer of Africa House, Mr Zindri Swartz elaborated.
With regard to future campaigns and fund raising events, Africa House will be holding their follow-up campaign to the Amani Campaign, which will be titled Amani 500 in which their goal is to sell 500 Amani Trendy T-shirts through pledge forms. Another event on the list for the social enterprise is titled ‘Afrikology’ which is going to focus on cultural exchange and the African acceptance of diverse heritages through various mediums.
Africa House aims to instil a sense of pride in a world that marginalizes the abilities of Africans by promoting the arts, education and heritage. The organisation can be reached at [email protected].

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