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Carnegie principles work 60 years on

Carnegie principles work 60 years on

The training and self-help guru, Dale Carnegie is alive and well, and now also living in Windhoek. Some sixty years since the name Carnegie became an international icon, the Dale Carnegie Training framework is still as relevant as it was in the fifties and sixties of the previous century.
In Namibia, the Dale Carnegie Training franchise is operated by Bright Communications under the guidance of their Managing Consultant, Helen Meintjes.
“With 2016 proving to be a challenging year for businesses and individuals alike, many companies are investing time and effort into finding that competitive edge, that will differentiate them in the market, increase sales and stimulate growth” Meintjes said this week discussing the competitive advantages for companies that invest in staff development.
“The one thing that creates sustainable competitive advantage and therefore Return On Investment, company value and long-term strength, is the workforce, the people who are the company” she said adding that aspects such as better products, services, technologies or more competitive prices certainly contribute to the success of an organisation, but these can only be copied and adjusted over time.
With the direct correlation between workforce and company performance, extensive research has proven that employee engagement is the defining factor. Employees who are actively and enthusiastically engaged outperform work groups that are not.
Dale Carnegie Training has identified the three main drivers that influence employee engagement across all industries: Employees’ relationships with managers; Employees’ belief in senior leadership; and Pride in working for the company.
The caring manager drives employee engagement and subsequently boosts productivity and turnover. “A manager’s ability to build strong relationships with employees, build strong team interaction and lead in a ‘person-centred’ way creates an engaging environment in which employees can perform at the highest possible level,” said Meintjes.

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