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DB space joins hands with Rittal

DB space joins hands with Rittal

DB Space held a Road-show recently in Windhoek’s southern industrial park as part of an awareness campaign after being appointed as nationwide distributor for Rittal’s range of server and network enclosures, racks, accessories and climate control systems.
Rittal is a systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software services. “Rittal – The System.” offers a perfectly coordinated system platform. It unites innovative productions, pioneering engineering solutions and global service to accommodate the most diverse requirements.
Most global networks predominantly run on Rittal solutions. With their new generation cooling units, Rittal sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency. The company also caters to a whole host of industries, from machinery and plant engineering, to the automotive industry, through to information technology.
As a basic requirement for partnership, Rittal identifies top-class distribution partners that have the potential to achieve zero-defect quality.
“DB Space is delighted to be appointed as the sole distributor in Namibia. This will enable us to offer the Namibian IT industry one of the best products currently available. As one of the leading distributors of ICT networking equipment in Namibia, DB Space has the experience, knowledge and customer relationships to successfully distribute Rittal,” Philip Galliano from DB Space said.
As the only Molex product distributor in Namibia, DB Space is adding Rittal’s advanced and intelligent products to its portfolio. Molex is a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect components which were also showcased at the Road-show.
Molex was instrumental in the development of the first car radio, the first cellular phone and the first HDTV. Molex is the leader in Networking Infrastructure in Namibia offering customers a one-stop-shop for all their networking equipment from Cat5e to Cat 7 installation.
“As part of our product sourcing, with the aim to offer product variety for the IT industry, we look for the best products to distribute. We are strengthening our product portfolio with another leading world-class brand to fulfil our commitment towards the development of the IT industry in Namibia,” Galliano said.
The Road-show was facilitated by Jacques Klopper (Rittal IT Infrastructure Manager South Africa, Kevin McDonald (Molex EMEA) and Philip Galliano (DB Space cc) and was well attended by leading companies with well over 30 visitors.
DB Space distributes ICT networking and satellite equipment, associating with flagship brands that represent the highest standard and quality.
With the aim to achieve world-class operational excellence for the benefit of their business partners, customers, dealers and employees, they aim to create employment for people who value themselves enough to gain on the job expertise and knowledge, Galliano said.

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