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Three more fellows for Mandela Washington

Three more fellows for Mandela Washington

Twenty young leaders were informed this week that they have been selected as fellows of the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship for an extended study tour at US institutions. US Ambassador, HE Thomas Daughton last week informed three applicants in person of their inclusion in the programme.
The ambassador approached them at various locations around Windhoek to inform them that they have been selected from among 425 Namibian applicants to participate in the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship in the United States. Others received a personal phone call from Ambassador Daughton live from the studio of Radio Energy.
Bernardus Harageib, 27, from Usakos, received the news while at Street Cuisine Café. He was speechless. Kileni Fernando, 26, from Tsumke, heard the news while at the American Cultural Centre Library. Motivating her application, she said “I just want to get experience and to meet people. I like to know about other organizations and also learn about other peoples’ cultures.” Anel van der Vyer, 25, from Windhoek, was surprised at her workplace surrounded by colleagues. “No, you’re joking. That is so exciting. Wow,” said an incredulous Anel.
Each fellow follows a specific study track in either Civic Leadership, Public Management or Business and Entrepreneurship.
The Civic Leadership fellows are:
Ricardo Amunjera, 32, from Luderitz, works at Langer Heinrich Uranium Mine; Kileni Fernando, 26, from Tsumke, works at theWomen’s Leadership Centre; Bernadus Harageib, 27, from Usakos, Self-employed; and Emilie Iyambo, 27, from Oshakati, works at Namdeb.
The Public Management fellows are:
Julia Amukoshi, 27, from Onekondjelo, works at the University of Namibia; Ndahafa Hapulile, 29, from Oshakati, works for SWAPO; Mandela Kapere, 33, from Arandis, works at the National Youth Council; Aily Namupala, 23, from Swakopmund, works at the Namibian Uranium Association; Reginald Roman, 30, from Khorixas, works at Kunene Regional Council; Roline Tjipueja, 30, from Okahandja, works at Bank of Namibia’ Anel van der Vyer, 25, from Windhoek, works at the Office of the Attorney General; and Jo-Ann Van Wyk, 31, from Witvlei, Self-employed.
The Business and Entrepreneurship fellows are:
Namasiku Baings, 26, from Katima Mulilo, works at Namdeb; Joan Biwa, 31, from Windhoek, works at Old Mutual; Immanuel Hango, 31, from Oniihwa, works at the Namibian Ports Authority; Alphons Koruhama, 28, from Otjikondavirongo, Self-employed; Rosalia Neshuku, 26, from Ondangwa, works at the Lüderitz Town Council; Tulongeni Pohamba, 31, Self-employed, from Windhoek; Taleni Shimhopileni, 25, from Ongwediva, Self-employed; and Tulimelia Shityuwete, 28, from Windhoek, also Self-employed.
The first class of 500 Mandela Washington Fellows travelled to the United States in June 2014 for six weeks of intensive executive leadership training, networking, and skills building, followed by a Presidential Summit in Washington, DC. The 2016 Mandela Washington Fellows comprise 1000 African young leaders, twenty from Namibia.

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