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Designer banks N$50,000

Designer banks N$50,000

The Streethouse’s Design a Tee Competition was concluded last weekend at Hotel Thule and 18 year old, Hatani Bertolini reaped the rewards, and took home a cheque of N$50,000. Her design was judged top of the line. The competition which ran since last year March, was hosted by Streethouse Clothing, a locally owned clothing retail company, specialising in urban, sports and casual clothing. The competition seeked to empower and promote local talent and products, and to provide a platform for aspiring designers, seasoned designers and art or design enthusiasts in general to showcase their creativity. Hatani was not the only winner, as the other finalists despite not picking up the ultimate cheque, will still receive 15% commission from T-shirts sales. Their designed T-shirts are currently available in the Streethouse stores. At the prize giving ceremony, Bertolini (holding cheque) had the opportunity to share her spotlight with the other designers, from left; Undjee Zaire, Cellestinus Muronga, Gerson Ntusi and Brendan Diergaardt. (photograph by Musa Carter)

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