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Brahman shines in the ‘Land Down Under’

Brahman shines in the ‘Land Down Under’

Christo Viljoen, Head of FNB Business Agri Division, was on hand to congratulate Mr. Ace Kavari and Boesman, the formidable Red Brahman bull, with their recent win of the Best Brahman Bull in Africa award and the 2nd best in the world at the prestigious Brahman Champion of the World Competition in Australia.
Kavari competed against the best in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe and voting took place over a period of eight days via an online voting poll created by the World Brahman Cattle Association. “We participated to show the rest of the world the immaculate quality of Brahman cattle we breed in the Land of the Brave. We dedicate this title to Namibia and will wear the Africa Champ rosette with huge pride,” Kavari commented.
Viljoen advised that FNB Namibia remains a valuable partner of farmers and offered a myriad of products to assist farmers including medium and long term loans, overdrafts, while also offering a special loan that assists farmers to combat bush encroachment. “We know that agriculture is one of our economic pillars and FNB will help maintaining that ,especially in tough times such as the current drought, we are even more geared to assist our farmers in times of need,” he added.
Mr. Kavari and FNB Business Agri division share the same sentiment that farming is a business, just like any company, and can be very profitable if you treat and handle it as such while focusing on good management and good use of human resources.
Kavari worked for FNB Namibia as a credit manager for 16 years and also banks with FNB Namibia. He said farming was all about planning, hard work, patience, and passion. ‘If you have those characteristics, you will make it in farming.”.
He said other farmers should bear in mind that Namibia is drought-prone, and they should plan ahead for any eventuality. Further advice from the Brahman breeder is that farmers should keep records of their farming activities and that budgeting is very important.

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