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Pap and Milk throws sexual exploitation by older men in your face

Pap and Milk throws sexual exploitation by older men in your face

Pap and Milk, a short film released on DVD by the Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) is stirring up emotions through its stark portrayal of a young girl who is forced into sexual exploitation by older men, against her will but with the consent of her mother.
Pap and Milk was released on DVD earlier this month at a function at the Warehouse Theatre to an appreciative audience. The core message of the film is intergenerational sex, a sexual partnership between a young woman (15-24 years) and a man of 10 or more years older.
Age disparate relationships are part of an exploitative sexual system that includes multiple concurrent partnerships, high levels of gender violence and transactional sex. This system is often carelessly endorsed through inaction or ignorance. It is a major contributor to the HIV pandemic.
“In the film we can relate to strong emotions, the rising anger, fears and questions relating to the health and living standards of our communities, and to the question relating to the ethics of adults and caregivers, which remains an important issue that can not be ignored,” said Dr Philippe Talavera, Director and Founder of OYO and director of the film.
The film portrays Susan, a grade 12 student who lives with her little brother, her mother and her grandmother. Due to the family’s source of income being taken away by the loss of their father and breadwinner, Susan’s mother suggests that she dates “sugar daddies” to secure a source of income for the household. Susan’s mother refuses to put a limit on her living standards, and their grandmother’s pension is not sufficient for the whole family. Therefore Susan is perceived as the best way out of poverty.
This leads to disturbing encounters, exploitation and outright abuse of Susan.
Other cast members include Lourina Josephat, Mara Baumgartner, David Ndjavera, Dawie Engelbrecht and Keanan de Wee.
Pap and Milk is an all Namibian star production and received support from Lemonreel Film Services and financial support from the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria. DVD’s are available from OYO.

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