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Newcomers shine in NAMA nominations

Newcomers shine in NAMA nominations

With the recent announcement of the Namibia Annual Music Award nominations (NAMAS), it seems as though the event is already in full swing as artists and fans alike wait in anticipation to see who carries the musical wallets away this year.
Earlier this week the Economist interviewed two of Namibia’s relatively new participants, Ann Singer and LMPC. Both artists have made significant strides and they have been nominated in important categories such as male and female artists of the year, best newcomers and Best RnB artists.
During the interview, the two artists’ vibrant personalities came to the fore.
They spoke elatedly about their nominations. Ann Singer commented “I haven’t really processed it yet, the idea that I’ve been nominated in so many categories has not sunk in. I’m really humbled.”
The young singer who is a part time Radiography student elaborated about her musical plans saying that she is currently focussing on her studies, but will be working on a new single soon.
Speaking about her award scooping album Bulletproof, Ann also known as Annastasia Linus, accredited her success to the sincerity of her music. “People respond to music that is real and has a message” she said.
Asked directly about her nominations, she laughed and modestly suggested that it may be because she has a good voice as she was voice coached by Berthodlt, one of Namibia’s seasoned RnB singers. She also has regular collaborations with Kwaito artists such as Mushe on songs like
Remember and tracks like Unconditional Love and Covered, both of which have become household favourites.
Next newcomer, the wish me luck album singer LMPC said to the Economist his first reaction was one of overwhelming love.
He was surprised by his nomination in the male artist of year category as he has only been in the musical industry for five months. LMPC delved into his musical philosophies and future plans and said he wishes to transition from rapping to RnB explaining that it is rather difficult to be an activist through his music. “Who am I to make music about things I do not fully understand?” he said.
The artist revealed that he is already working on his second album and has performances coming up which he still needs to finalise. LMPC released his 13 track debut album Wish me Luck on 28 November 2015 which has been well received by audiences.
The Namibia Annual Musical Awards are scheduled for 30 April 2016 at the Ramatex Building in Otjomuise Extension 1 in Windhoek.

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