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Oshakati town council seeks land

The Oshakati Town Council aims to relocate residents and businesses from low lying areas prone to floods to higher grounds. Jackson Muma, public relations officer of the Oshakati Town Council, says it is not clear when exactly the exercise will commence, however all residents will be relocated by 2013.
One of the aims of the Oshakati town council’s Master Plan is to relocate residents who are vulnerable to flooding to safer grounds. However, this cannot be realised yet until services are made available.
Muma added that people living in the informal settlements of Oshoopala, Eemwandi and Sky are the main targets for relocation, as these areas were adversely affected during previous floods.
He said that the relocation process will be time consuming as the council has to enter into agreements with the concerned parties.
“Currently, the town council is still trying to acquire land for relocation from communal farmers and others around the city through compensation as one of the means,” Muma said.
He said that the town council cannot just allocate clear unserviced land to people.
“The town council needs to ensure that there are certain services available to residents.”
Muma said that all this will take time because they need professionals to survey land and there has to be an environmental assessment as any projects embarked on will have an impact on the environment.
Following residents’ plea to be relocated to higher grounds, the Master Plan project commenced last year after being approved by Cabinet.
Muma said that the municipality has made many accomplishments since the project started last year to ease the effects of floods.
“We have finished the designing of the Dyke which will ensure the regulation of the water inflow from the northern part of the town and from the west towards the south. We have also deepened the Okatana river,” he said.
The town, which has been hit by floods over the last couple of years, is expected to be in better condition to endure flooding and upon completion of the Master Plan, it is set to turn Oshakati into a properly planned and well structured town for its residents.

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