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New livery for Bible Society

The Reverend Barney van der Walt (right), Secretary General of the Bible Society of Namibia and Dean Abraham ǁKheibeb, Chairman of the society’s board of directors, celebrated the society’s new logo at a small ceremony after the Annual General Meeting. The event took place this week Monday. The Bible Society released the new logo this week, indicating that it will now be used as the standard emblem for the Bible Society itenarary.
The previous logo featuring a stylised version of the “Sower” has been the Bible Society’s visual identity for more than a decade. As part of the worldwide fellowship of the United Bible Societies, the decision was taken to adopt a new global unifying logo. “This new logo features an open “Bible” with various colours and shape which symbolizes our aim to distribute the Bible to people of all languages, nations, denominations and ages.”

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