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Ginnifer Goodwyn voices an amazing performance as Judy Hopper, a small town bunny with dreams of becoming a big time police officer in the exciting city, known as Zootropolis.

This fantasy city is definitely several steps above the quietness of her home town, where the only life cut out for a young rabbit would be to sell vegetables at a stand on the side of the road. No bunny rabbit has ever been part of the police force before, even in her small town. In the big city, working among wolves, elephants and buffalo, Judy is continuously underestimated because of her size but she is determined to prove herself worthy of the most honourable police job. After all, in Zootropolis, anything is possible.
It is understandable, at first, to write the story off as regurgitated and clichéd. Until, of course, you come to terms with its unmistakable charm.
The imagination is evident in the development of the story right through to the artwork. Every last detail of this enchanting city is thought of, where you have ice cream shops for elephants, and their ice lollies are as big as human-sized doors; and right around the corner, corporate hamsters dressed in black suits march out of a mouse hole to take their lunch break.
This movie really comes as a full package, and at this point it probably goes without saying, but the comedy is top notch.
Not only does Zootropolis deliver in its visuals and comedic content, it delivers a meaningful, layered message too.
Throughout the film, themes of female empowerment, discrimination and the challenging of stereotypes surface.
The story also plays a lot with perspective, where a lot of things are relative. Perhaps this is where it is able to capture an older audience because through the dialogue and visuals, it produces some engaging storytelling for the global audience without it coming off as too preachy.

What I am probably most impressed by is the voice-over performances. The voice-overs are so naturally executed, adding honesty to the characters, which, in turn displays the chemistry between the characters brilliantly.

I do not want to say too much so that you can watch Zootopia with fresh eyes but I will say this: if ever there is a film that lives up to its hype, it is this one.

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