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Qualifying scores attained at range

Qualifying scores attained at range

Fifteen-year old Oliver Hoffmann continued his more than impressive start to the Olympic Trap season as the youngster from Windhoek won the second Trails of the year over the weekend at the Luiperdsvalley Shooting Ranges.
However, it was the two-time Olympic athlete Gaby Ahrens who had the better start. After five qualification Rounds, the 34-year old Hyundai Namibia brand-ambassador came out on top with 106 hits, closely followed by Hoffmann with 105.
Hasso Ahrens, Ian Kriel and Johan Venter were not far behind, all shooting above 100 hits.
In the Semi-Final, Ahrens let it slip as she shot 11/15, the same score as Hoffmann and Kriel, resulting in a sudden death shoot-off for placings in the Gold Medal Match.
The first target in the shoot-off was a left swinger, hit by Hoffmann and Kriel, but Ahrens missed, placing her in the Bronze Medal match with Johan Venter.
During the Bronze Medal match, Ahrens shot a perfect 15/15 securing her the Medal. Venter, however, proved to be a tough opponent, missing only one target (14/15).
In the Gold Medal match, Hoffmann clinched his second gold medal for the year, winning the Final with 11/15 opposed to Kriel’s 9/15.
Qualification for the Namibian team for 2016 was achieved by Ahrens and Hoffmann, who both shot their minimum qualifying scores. Ahrens will be competing at the ISSF World Cup in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil in April, while Hoffmann will represent Namibia at the Junior World Cup in Germany in May.

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