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NSC commends Esau over “job creation initiative”

Dear sir,
Our Constitution clearly provides the right to the utilisation of living natural resources on a sustainable basis for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future. The Namibian Seal Conservation group (NSC) was always concerned that the natural resource of harvestable seals was not divided equally amongst the country’s population.
It is for this reason that the NSC would like to congratulate the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Bernard Esau, for the courageous steps he took in granting additional three seal harvesting permits to the previously disadvantaged.
Although the existing seal harvesting right holders are not happy and claim that the current seal biomass eligible for harvesting will not be able to sustain this, it must be said that the NSC seriously doubts if the quota – which is still to be granted – will exceed the sustainability of the harvest. We live in a free-market economy and these businessmen’s objections are made purely to protect their own market. The NSC believes there are ample resources available to include more permit holders, as the previous three permit holders were not able to harvest fully according to the quotas received before.
In granting additional seal harvesting permits, Minister Esau not only created more employment in a country which is already suffering from a high unemployment rate but he also sets an example for other ministries to do the same. The NSC further urges the existing right holders and local entrepreneurs to come up with more inventive ways to utilise our seal products. The NSC also urges these role players to add more value to our local seal products. Instead of exporting raw seal fur to Australia, entrepreneurs should consider establishing our own fashion wear industry. Just imagine the employment and economic advantages which could be created.
The NSC also wants to encourage the Hon Minister to keep on ignoring deceptive activists such as the Seals of Nam, Seal Alert and Sea Shepherd (S.A.). These organisations misrepresent the truth for financial gain. We have noted that their so called boycott has zero effect on our country and we doubt that it will ever have an impact on our tourism industry.
Oswald Rall Theart
Kasote Village
(On behalf of Namibia Seal Conservation)

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