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New Wernhil Market under construction

Construction for the upgrade of the Wernhil Market has commenced and The City of Windhoek (CoW) has identified the need for this upgrade in order to provide additional trading spaces for the traders operating in the Central Business District (CBD).
Scheifert Shigwedha, Internal Communication Officer of CoW has confirmed that the project will provide 7 lockable stalls with prepaid electricity and water basins, 50 open trading areas which include, 6 barbecue stands with access to communal water basins to clean utensils, 24 food preparation areas with separate electrical sockets with concrete tables and chairs, 20 open trading areas with concrete tables and chairs to accommodate a variety of products and 4 storage facilities for the open trading area. The Upgrade will also include a central water point with drainage, sitting areas for customers and ablution facilities.
Zurilea Steenkamp, Manager of Economic Development at the City of Windhoek said that they want to ensure that informal trading activities in this area are accommodated in a manageable and conducive manner.
“The City of Windhoek and Wernhil Park (Pty) Ltd have subsequently agreed to jointly contribute to the upgrading of the market and that the project be implemented as a joint venture between the two parties and accordingly a Joint Development Agreement was signed,” she announced.
The project is expected to be completed by the end of May 2016.

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