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Paint an Auas Easter egg and win big

Paint an Auas Easter egg and win big

In preparation for Easter, Agra has invited four primary schools to participate in a competition to see whose learners can produce the most extravagant easter eggs. All the easter egg decorations will be incorporated into the Auas Valley Shopping Mall Easter display, and the best eggs collect a prize of N$5000 for the school.
“Auas Valley Shopping Mall provided four primary schools nearest to the mall the opportunity to employ their art skills and creativity and thereby stand a chance to win project support for their school. The mall invited the schools to participate in a competition by painting pre-cut Easter eggs to use as decoration in the mall. Suiderhof Primary School, Kleine Professor College, Windhoek Gymnasium Primary and Pioneerspark Primary School are competing for prizes to the total value of N$10,000, in the form of project support: N$5000 to the winning school, N$3000 to the runner-up and N$2000 for the school in third place. Auas Valley Shopping Mall, through retailers in the mall, will then provide support to project needs expressed by the specific schools” announced Agra earlier this week.
The decorated Easter eggs will be hung in the Auas Valley Shopping Mall in time for the mall’s next late night shopping event on Thursday, 17 March 2016. This event, where shops in the mall keep their doors open for extended hours, provides the opportunity for clients to do their shopping in a relaxed atmosphere after hours.
The winning schools will also be announced on 17 March at 18:00 at the mall.

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