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25 eggs a day per unit – guaranteed

25 eggs a day per unit – guaranteed

The local agent for Inkukukaya Modular Coop Solutions, Managing Director of Mica Sales & Marketing, Leon Venter (right), with Agra’s Public Relations Officer, Twaku Kayofa at the launch of the novel poultry cages that the distributor claims are ideal for home use. Venter said that plans are underway to sell the kits locally, complete with drinkers, feeders and legs in 25-bird units and 100-bird units. Launched in 2014, the product carries a five-year warranty and has expanded into several African countries. Government agencies and emerging farmers were present at the product launch as Inkukukaya’s South African agent, Ian Dickinson explained how the simple click and lock system is to set up. Photograph by Freeman Ngulu. See article on page 3.

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