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RIP Tate Simasiku

RIP Tate Simasiku

Former Chief Executive of the Electricity Control Board, Siseho Simasiku succumbed to a stroke last week. A memorial service was held for the old Comrade this week to honour his remarkable life as freedom fighter, engineer and CEO of a major regulator.
The memorial service took place at the Khomas Regional Council on Tuesday.
Long-standing friend and colleague, Peter Nutt, said “This is a time respectfully to celebrate a remarkable life. His was a journey of traversing barriers: from youthful exile, schooling in Tanzania, an Engineering Degree in Europe; and returning to Africa in most challenging of circumstances. Reaching retirement age as first CEO of the ECB, after a long career he was a freedom fighter who then continued to serve his people until an untimely end. Salut.”
After his retirement, Simasiku became a vocal advocate for a local pressure group focussing on the cost and affordability of energy in general and electricity in particular. In his role as spokesperson for the advocacy group, he cautioned against energy project that will lead to unsustainable energy costs.
“In his post-retirement years, Siseho Simasiku was the guiding light in the founding and operation of the Citizens’ Trust for consumer advocacy. The trust started its work in the electricity sector, expanding into others.
This non-profit organizations founded on the philosophical concept known as the “Simasiku Quartet”, is making room for the consumer at the table of the Constitutional Democracy” said Nutt.
“We still hear people say: “Simasiku is the one standing up for us, he fights high electricity tariffs.”

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