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Jazz music does not have an expiry date – Suzy Eises

Jazz music does not have an expiry date – Suzy Eises

If you might have crossed paths with Suzy Eises while in town, the Namibian female saxophonist appears to be an ordinary woman, a self-proclaimed ‘introvert’ who usually is shy to indulge in impromptu conversation. However, this assumption disappears when Suzy saunters on to the stage with her amber saxophone and plays a free flowing rhythm. Then the real Suzy comes to light playing her extraordinary jazz music.
Suzy is scheduled to play her endearing Jazz at the Whisky Festival slated for Friday and Saturday, 18 and 19 March. This two-day event takes place in Swakopmund’s Dome.

In a recent interview with the Economist, Suzy delved into her musical plans and aspirations for the future, elaborating that she will be performing at regular events such as song night, spoken word and Open Mic. These are regular shows hosted at the Warehouse theatre. Later in the year, she plans to return to the United States where she is studying music at university.
Suzy said that she is currently working on a new album which will be released before the end of this year. Although she can not specify a release date, she and the other members of her band are currently working on her new single with Nasha Blaque, which will be a fusion of hip hop and jazz music. “I like mixing jazz music with other genre’s of music as it captivates audiences” she said describing her music as contemporary jazz because it is reflective of her diverse background of having parents from different ethnicities and growing up amidst different cultures due to travelling.
The saxophonist tracks her musical background to when she was a child as she played the piano, performing in orchestra’s in school. She vividly recalls her first time hearing the live musical tunes of a saxophone at the age of 16 at a jazz concert in Grahamstown, South Africa. After that the ice was broken and she developed an intense desire to learn how to play the instrument.
Suzy enthused about her favourite jazz musicians, from celebrity players such as Kamasi Washington to artists like Ras Sheehama, saying “jazz music never becomes outdated as the tunes never fail to evoke emotion regardless of the fact whether the original artist has retired or ceased to exist.”

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