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Unlock your creativity

Unlock your creativity

Contrary to the beliefs that most people have on multitasking, that it helps get tasks done quicker and that it is a very useful skill to have, Lelanie Basson, International best selling author and Co-founder of the Twafiika Group of Companies disagrees. She explained this as guest speaker at the Economist Businesswomen Breakfast meeting on 19 February 2016. Her topic was Building Creative Confidence- The most adaptive will survive.
She explained to the ladies that brains are not wired to multi-task well and when people think they are multitasking they are actually just switching from one task to another very rapidly and every time they do this, there is a cognitive cost. “Multitasking requires a lot of temporary brain storage and it can take away from our ability to think creatively, therefore multi-taskers find it harder to generate spontaneous ‘a ha moments’, and it may even damage your brain” she added.
On cultivating creativity and building confidence she advised to start with positive thinking, using imagination and gaining more knowledge. She also said that the habitat or space you work in, plays a very vital role in how you think. “Challenge assumptions, drive to alternative solutions to solve problems and you have the key to the engine start anywhere,” she concluded.
The Twafiika Group of Companies offer services ranging from strategic business counsel, governance, marketing, communications, and retail product development. She is also published in the fields of International Marketing as well as Consumer Buyer Behaviour and is a best selling author of her debut co-authored book 20 Beautiful Women: Africa Edition, reaching #1 best-seller in Women’s Help, Motivation and Spiritual Healing.
The Economist Businesswomen Club provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise, through planned networking and it aims to encourage the personal development and management skills of its members and to advance the standing and power of women. The Club also creates opportunities to encourage the personal development and management skills of its members.

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