Hollard Insurance Namibia announced this week it will be the major sponsor of the Meatco Producer of the Year awards, for the next three years.
“Hollard has signed an agreement with Meatco to avail N$150,000 per year for the duration of three years, for the Meatco Producer of the Year Awards, the new kid on the insurance block said.
Jethro Kwenani, Corporate Communications officer at the Meat Corporation of Namibia said the awards are a remarkable and unique event, “and we are proud to have Hollard on board since it is of great benefit to the producers. This year the awards will take place on 11 March 2016 under the theme ‘climate change in the savannah’.
The awards are in line with Meatco’s main objective of serving the producers,and recognises their tenacity and resilience in the face of many obstacles such as the current drought and outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease, Kwenani added.
“Hollard is delighted to have the opportunity to work with Meatco, an organization that has demonstrated commitment to the farming industry. We look forward to a long and productive working relationship with them.” said Jaco Lamprecht, CEO of Hollard Namibia.
Hollard is dedicated to always looking for ways to reinvent the insurance industry by celebrating diversity, setting market trends and most importantly valuing people, he elaborated adding that Hollard strives to innovate new insurance products unique to Namibia, including products for Namibia’s farmers, many of whom are producers for Meatco.