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Send Money now easier

Send Money now easier

FNB Namibia announced that it has implemented the Simplification process for Send Money on the channels of FNB Online, Cellphone Banking.Mobi and the FNB App. Desery van Wyk, Manager Cellphone Banking explains: “This new process has been launched to introduce an additional step for FNB customers to select if they would like to send an ATM PIN to the eWallet recipient for simpler cash withdrawal at FNB ATMs.”
If the FNB customer selects “Yes”, an ATM PIN will be sent to the eWallet recipient. The ATM PIN will last for 4 hours, and then expire. “This enables the eWallet recipient to withdraw cash easily, without having to access the eWallet dialstring to request an ATM PIN.”
Van Wyk added “While it is still early days in Namibia, we are confident that the new process will simplify our customers lives and they will eagerly increase transactions on FNB Online, Cellphone banking, .Mobi and our FNB App.”

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