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Dairies makes strides in embracing the Growth at Home Strategy

Dairies makes strides in embracing the Growth at Home Strategy

For the past two years Namibia Dairies has been in the process of rebranding all its products to accommodate the Team Namibia Logo. In light of Government’s Growth-At-Home strategy and in support of local produce and suppliers, the company has made this decision with no hesitation, according to Brand Manager, Robin Rhode.
The process of rebranding all its products has been underway and the company is about 70%t through the implementation process.
Rhode said, “It is costly and will take some time to rebrand all our products, but we fully understand the importance thereof, and the implications it has towards encouraging Namibians to purchase and consume locally produced products.”
“The rebranding of our products to include the Team Namibia Logo is also indicative of the fact that we are a proudly Namibian company, and that we proudly support local,” she added.
Membership Liaison Officer at Team Namibia, Faith Arnat expressed excitement over the rebranding venture of dairies. Arnat said, “Namibian Dairies is creating and retaining value within the local economy through profit retention, employment and procurement spend.”
According to Arnat the Team Namibia endorsement logo now acts as a filter to help consumers identify quality local products and services that are fit for purpose through relevant conformity assessments.
Furthermore Team Namibia said, support for local products and services have seen a slight increase over the past three years. “However, we still need to educate our consumers on the importance of buying local produce until there is a total shift of the purchasing behavior and preference in our nation, ” Arnat concluded.

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