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Standard Bank contributes to vulnerable children’s education

Standard Bank contributes to vulnerable children’s education

Standard Bank Namibia (SBN) financially contributed N$988,400 to The Forum for African Women Educationalist in Namibia (FAWENA) on Thursday. Through this partnership SBN is supporting the secondary education of over a thousand orphans and vulnerable children in all 14 regions of Namibia.
“We have had a fruitful relationship with FAWENA for many years now and we are pleased to be associated with a noble cause that looks into providing quality education to Namibia’s orphans and vulnerable children throughout the country,” said Vetumbuavi Mugunda, Chief Executive of Standard Bank.
He emphasised that as a bank they believe in the importance of quality education for girls and boys alike, because it is only in this way that a prosperous economy can be attained and development goals reached.
Hon. Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, Minister of Education, Arts and Culture and Chairperson of FAWENA said that combining the expertise and resources of dedicated socially responsible companies, such as Standard Bank and local donors will ensure sustainability of programmes that assist Namibia’s orphaned and vulnerable learners.
“This programme has made provision for orphaned and vulnerable learners to go to school, stay in school and do well in school by providing school uniforms, school supplies, transport and toiletries,” she added.
“To really make a difference in the Namibian Education system, we have to start at the grass root level, with early child development and primary school, therefore we need more trained primary school teacher, more school, more hostel etc, the problem does not start when the learner gets to Grade 10, therefore all Namibians should play a part in the development of education,” she explained.
The Standard Bank scholarship takes children who have graduated from primary schools and takes them through grade 12. The bank has supported FAWENA since 2009 and to date a total of 885 children have benefited from this scholarship.

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