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SCORE recognised at national awards

Hulda Goagoses, community sports coordinator for SCORE and Raymond Vries, senior trainer at SCORESCORE Namibia, a non-profit organisation specialising in community development through sport and recreation, has been recognised for its commitment to the development and promotion of sport in the country. SCORE was awarded by the Namibian Sports Commission at this year’s National Sports Awards held in Windhoek last week.
The organisation started running sports programmes in Namibia in 2000 together with the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture, with an initial focus on schools.
More than 10 years later, the organisation is now training youth from 13 communities across 11 regions in sports skills, life skills and leadership skills. As a result, participation amongst children and youth at grassroot level has increased, and young people are increasing their leadership capacity, and setting up their own community sports organising structures to sustain activities.
Hulda Goagoses, who now works as a community sports coordinator for SCORE, started as a young person participating in SCORE’s Namibian Volunteer Involvement Programme (NAM-VIP).
She received the award on behalf of SCORE and believes the impact of SCORE’s training has contributed to increasing capacity both in her personal and professional life.
“I have grown as a leader through NAM-VIP and now I am using sport to create a platform to bring youth together and build a future,” she says.
SCORE Namibia received the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award in 2009 and 2010.
SCORE Namibia programme manager, Allison Furniss, said she was extremely pleased with the award, but that working in partnership was key for success. “The continued support from government departments, especially the Directorate of Sport and from our international donors, including Commonwealth Games Canada, UK Sport and the Jacobs Foundation, have all been crucial to ensuring SCORE can continue using sport to train youth to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others,” Furniss said.

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