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Statistics Agency gets new boss

The Namibia Statistics Agency on Tuesday announced the appointment of Mr. Alex Shimuafeni as the Statistician General (SG) of the NSA, for a period of five years, effective of 01 April.

According to the agency the decision to appoint him was in line with the provisions of the Statistics Act No.9 of 2011 which states that, the Board with the approval of the Minister must appoint a suitably qualified person with knowledge and experience in statistics, information technology, economics and related fields of expertise to be the SG.

After a rigorous process were close to 15 people had applied, Shimuafeni emerged as the suitable candidate. According to the agency, Shimuafeni brings more than 15 years executive and management experience. He is currently employed as the Chief Commercial Officer at NBC and was part of the NBC  transformation team.

He also served as Senior Manager: Operations and Business development at the National housing Enterprise (NHE) and as group Manager: Market Research and intelligence at FNB Namibia, where he Co-founded the first ever Housing Index within the financial sector.

Again he is no stranger to the statistics realm as prior he was a Chief Statistician in the early days of his career at the then Ministry of Trade and Industry, as well as head of price Statistics at the then Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Shimuafeni is a holder of an MBA degree from the Regent Business School (SA) and a Master of Statistics degree from the University of New South Wales (Australia). He hold s a graduate diploma in statistics from the Australian national University and a postgraduate diploma in business management from the University of Natal and also has a bachelor’s degree from UNAM, majoring in Statistics and mathematics.

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