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WAD focusing on GBV

WAD focusing on GBV

Non-profit international donors are starting to pull out of Namibia as it was rated a middle class country, limiting and affecting resources for Women’s Action for Development (WAD). Despite this, the organisation is busy initiating great projects and carrying on with their work in communities.
Their projects this year include Socio-Political, which includes Human Rights, Gender Related laws, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Substance Abuse, Socio-Economic which includes Hospitality & Tourism, Needle Work, Office Administration and Computer Literacy. WAD has confirmed that all are in progress and that at the moment students are being trained in the Zambezi region.
“Through community outreach we have worked on Alina, a film that was released and broadcast by NBC, based on baby dumping and issues relating to GBV in the community, during the period of 16 days of activism against GBV,” they said. WAD’s aim for this project was to inform the public of issues causing GBV and how Namibia at large can help improve the situation.
To really get home the message and to educate the people on GBV they are also working with Shaanika Nashilongo of The Monica Gender Violence Solutions on projects based on GBV, which they will reveal at a later stage and documentaries on GBV victims and perpetrators which will be published soon.
WAD is a non-profit making, non-partisan NGO, whose programmes are aimed to contribute to the reduction of poverty through own effort and the rediscovery of own ingenuity, the provision of jobs in the regions, the restoration of human dignity, pride and self-confidence amongst the rural poor.

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