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Three coffins, one grave

The City of Windhoek plans to use only eight foot graves for three adults as the city is running out of land space.
At its monthly meeting this week, the city council raised concern over the alarming rate at which cemeteries in Windhoek are growing. A report represented by the councilors shows that there are approximately 150 burials taking place in Windhoek per month, therefore rapidly filling up existing cemeteries.
The report says that remaining and available burial space at cemeteries need urgent attention and that they need to find ways to prolong the lifespan of these cemeteries. The City plans to allocate land for two more cemeteries.
The City suggested that only 8 foot graves should be allocated to families for burials as this will allow a second burial in the same grave irregardless of the time lapsed since the first burial.
The third burial will however only be allowed in the eight foot grave over a period of 30 years, after the second burial. Children will still be buried in the normal six foot grave provided that they fit and are below the age of 12 years.
The council assured the public that there will be no contact between the coffins in the same grave as the coffins will be sealed off with a seal plate, suggesting that the 8 foot grave system be sold to a cheaper price for the public to buy the idea.
The strategic executive of the City of Windhoek advised the council to make the concept of cremation acceptable to the public as it will ensure effective utilisation of much needed space.
The Katutura cemetery is filled to capacity, the Khomsdal cemetery will be filled within the next four years, the old location has approximately 620 more graves available and the Gammams cemetery is estimated to fill up within the next 13 years.

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