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Shell Namibia tackles poverty

Shell Namibia tackles poverty

Shell Namibia Upstream B.V. in its capacity as Operator of PEL39 has donated N$150,000 to the Child Development Foundation in Katutura, on behalf of the PEL39 partners.
Shell Country Chairman Mr Zekveld expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, describing it as one that Shell is proud to support. “Shell takes its social investment responsibilities seriously, and actively seeks ways in which it can make a positive difference in Namibia. We have been impressed with the value of the work of the Child Development Foundation at the Otjomuise Centre, and how they prepare disadvantaged children for a successful school career. We are proud to support youth education in Namibia,” he said.
Ms Maggy Shino attended the handover ceremony on behalf of the Hon. Minister of Mines and Energy, Mr Kandjoze. Poverty eradication remains the central and overarching objective of the development agenda, to transform the lives of people living in absolute poverty.
Shell Namibia Upstream B.V. partners with NAMCOR, and the NAMCOR Exploration Manager Mr Muundjua said that he is very impressed with this initiative.
Chairman of the Centre’s Board of Trustees, Mr van den Bosch hailed this partnership as a good example of the way in which private companies can make a difference in the lives of marginalised Namibians.
The sponsorship agreement covers a three year period. The funds will be used to prepare children from extremely impoverished backgrounds for school by equipping them with strong pre-school skills, fees and stationery and providing nutritional breakfasts and lunches on school days.
At the Centre, the likelihood of a successful school career and thereby better employment prospects are considerably enhanced for these underprivileged children. The programme which has been running for nine years places emphasis on the teaching of English and some 40 children participate in the Centre’s programme daily.
Once they have completed the two-year programme and leave to enter the school system, they are monitored and supported as they progress through school. Their educational progress is reviewed and they attend an afternoon homework club at the Centre on school days.
Shell Country Chairman Mr Zekveld in his closing remarks said “We are proud to support youth education in Namibia, and I commit to visiting the Centre regularly in the coming months and years”.

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