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“Recognise us” – Namwandi

“Recognise us” – Namwandi

Chairperson and Founder of the International University of Management (IUM), Dr. David Namwandi lashed out at critics who tries to undermine the institution’s credibility.
Namwandi who was speaking at the official ceremony to mark the University’s academic year opening this week, said those who are critical of the institution should crawl out of their comfort zones and face the facts that IUM is growing as a tertiary educational institution.
He said those “writers (journalists), politicians, and the general public who are trying to downgrade IUM and its qualifications, do not know what the IUM is all about.”
Namwandi made reference to the HIV/AIDS management faculty which has been raising social controversy, saying that the course has been recognised and is well-known internationally. Social media critics have viewed qualifications from IUM as being nothing more than just paper, unable to create employment opportunities.
“We will make a difference nationally by enhancing the IUM tradition of first class research and scholarship; working with selected overseas institutions; providing a welcoming destination for students, and sending out well-equipped graduates who are prepared to make their mark on the national stage, by generating work and wealth” the fiesty founder declared.
He further reminded students and lecturers that since the University is operating in a changing dynamic world, it needs to be flexible to the needs and aspirations of its clientèle. “Survival is about adaptation, change is an inevitable phenomenon in everyone’s life. Change and death are the only phenomena which are permanent,” he added.
The institution has this year employed 24 new staff members across its 6 campuses, bringing the full staff complement to 301. Vice Chancellor Mrs Namwandi said the institution has outsourced two of its 62-seater buses to generate income and meanwhile purchased five more buses.
“An office block estimated to cost around N$2.4 million with the capacity to hold about 80 staff members is underway in Ongwediva, which is the second largest campus of the institution. The Nkurenkuru campus is also under construction at a cost of N$23 million” she said.

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