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Dundee focuses on education in Oshikoto

Dundee focuses on education in Oshikoto

Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb donated N$25,000 to the office of the Oshikoto Region Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture at the annual launch of the academic year of 2016.
The funds will be specifically allocated towards the regional prize-giving ceremony that will be hosted at Onkumbula Combined School on 26 February.
Lamak Kafidi the Director of Education, Arts and Culture – Oshikoto Region during the official launch of the 2016 Academic year said, “The event is hosted each year to prepare with the intention to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution, diligence, dedication and commitment of our learners, teachers, parents, community”.
Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb’s Community Trust Administrator, André Strüwig, noted that Dundee Precious Metals management is continuously addressing the Dundee corporate value “Community Investment”.
During the event Strüwig announced, that 45% of the total expenditure of over N$9.5 million of the community trust is invested into the education sector, with the main beneficiary being the Oshikoto region.
“Dundee believes that education supports long-term capacity building of a sustainable future for our community. Please see this donation as a gesture from us for a collaborative and continued growth of a wonderful partnership,” said Strüwig.
Over the years, the Trust has provided support to educational institutions, entrepreneurial, health, cultural, arts initiatives.

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