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Cellphone Vehicle Tracking System a necessity for all motorists

It is estimated that about four vehicles are stolen in Namibia every day and many more are broken into. This has raised alarm among vehicle owners and even though local insurance companies do not require vehicles to be fitted with tracking devices, more people are opting to get their cars fitted with such  devices.
In 2007, Cellstop Namibia, a privately owned wireless telematics company, saw the need for satellite and recovery systems in the country. The company partnered with mobile giant, MTC and  Recovery United Namibia (RUN), an outsourced recovery company, to provide vehicle owners with Cellstop South Africa’s Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions, utilising the GSM/GPRS and GP networks.
Cellstop S.A has developed a MK5 and Stolen Vehicle Recovery System as the entry platform with an upgrade path of the Cellstop MK4 Automotive, providing a higher end solution focusing on top end fleet management and Road Fund Mass Distance Solutions. Cell Stop Namibia currently introduced the MK9 software.
Cellstop Namibia products are unique in their sophisticated user interfaces, enabling the vehicle to communicate with the owner in the event there is unauthorised opening of doors, the ignition being tampered with, the car been towed away; or if the car’s battery is running low. The user can control his vehicle by using the keypad of his/her personal cell phone enabling them to locate their vehicle, immobilise the vehicle and receive daily SMS and trip reports. The company also offers diesel electrical services around the country. In the event of car theft or hijacking, the location of the car can be continuously tracked allowing the vehicle to be recovered. The Cellstop system informs the owner of the status of the car via SMS, enabling the user to communicate directly with the vehicle and obtain vital information without calling the Control Centre. According to Cellstop Namibia’s sales director, Michael Mackenzie, what distinguish the company’s services from that of other tracking companies is the real time management and control over assets offered to thousands of motorists in the country. With a staff complement of seven employees, Cellstop Namibia has two branches in the country, operating in Windhoek and Walvis Bay and agencies in Swakopmund, Ondangwa and Keetmanshoop.

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