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Oonte to benefit from PnP

Oonte to benefit from PnP

Oonte OVC Organization was selected as one of Pick n Pay (PnP)’s main projects for the year 2016.
At the opening of the store, on 4 February, PnP Ondangwa committed itself to the enhancement of the Ondangwa community hence the pledge to support the OVC Orgarnisation.
During his address at the opening, Managing Director, Norbert Wurm re-affirmed PnP Namibia’s commitment to investing in the lives of the Namibian community. Wurm: “We are very grateful for the support received over the years by our customers, and the Namibian community at large. The least we can do to show our gratitude, is to give back where and when we can, to the community in contribution to bettering their livelihoods. We trust that PnP Ondangwa will play a very important role in the lives of those in this town, and surrounding communities.”
With the support of H. Wutow, CIC Namibia and Tongaat Hullet, PnP Ondangwa, at its official opening donated various food items: Knorr soup packets, tinned fish (Efuta fish from Etosha Fishing) and Marathon sugar, as well as a gift voucher to the value of N$1000. Currently, 510 children are cared for by the Oonte OVC organization, with daily meals, school uniforms, psycho-social support programs, home based care programs and educational programs which create HIV/AIDS awareness and vocational opportunities.
Executive Director of the Oonte OVC Project, Petrine Shiimi said the support from PnP Ondangwa came through at the right time, and will make a big difference not only in the operations of the organization, but also in the lives of the children that benefit from this project. Shiimi: “Apart from the food we feed the children at the centre, we also make them food parcels every month. And before PnP Ondangwa reached out to us with such generosity, we had great concerns for the month of February, as we did not have anything in stock for the parcels. This donation means so much for us, because as a result of the drought, so many are starving, and we were in dire need. Thank you Pick n Pay, for the difference you are making.”
Wurm during his address also stressed the importance of making a difference when and wherever possible, as the smallest contribution can make the greatest impact.
“These children face the hard reality of life as they are running their households in the absence of adults. We hope that this small gesture will make a difference in alleviating the needs of them, and we applaud the hard work by people like Petrine Shiimi, whose unwavering devotion to these kids give them an opportunity to grow into productive young people. PnP is not just here as a retailer, but as a part of this growing community,” Wurm concluded.

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