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New Kia Optima, a sleek beauty

Cecil Karumendu with the newly launched 2012 Optima Sedan. (Photograph by Yvonne Amukwaya)Kia Motors, Korea’s oldest motor vehicle manufacturer, is known for making some of the smallest vehicles in the world. But of late, they have also been known for making some of the most stylish cars in the world.
The Kia Optima sedan is turning heads where ever it goes – it has a sophisticated beauty, has more features than any other Kia brand and is one of the most spacious sedans.
This modern beauty comes in seven different colours (white, light graphite, bright silver, platinum graphite, satin metal, Santorini blue and ebony black). It also has a number of features that all the other Kia sedans does not have, said an enthusiastic Cecil Karumendu, salesperson at Kia Motors.
The Optima has a 2.4 litre engine, with sports seats that can be adjusted according to the climate, the integrated memory system remembers settings of two different drivers and the seating can change according to specifications of the driver.
The fully electronic sedan model can also be driven manually if the  driver wishes to and has a panoramic sun roof, as well as traction control to keep the car stable on the ground in wet, slippery conditions.
When asked why he thinks consumers should choose Optima, Karumendu said that he will recommend the Optima above any other because of its safety features.
“The car has six airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags ensuring that both front row and second row occupants are secured,” he said.
Karumendu added that although no Optima model has been sold yet, the public has responded positively to marketing exercises.
Meanwhile, Willie Verdoes, managing director of Associated Motor Holdings Namibia, said that the Namibian retail market for small cars is doing well. However, there is a shortage of vehicles normally and clients are kept on a waiting list at times.
Verdoes further said that Kia is confident in the Namibian car retail market and is busy constructing new premises which is scheduled for completion in four months. The dealership will offer full services.
The Optima Sedan launched in South Africa on 23 April and made its way to Windhoek last week, said Verdoes. The Sedan Optima costs N$223 000 and monthly installments vary according to the deposit made by the buyer.

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