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Cancellation of pensioners debt still in pipeline

His Worship Muesee Kazapua, Mayor of the City of Windhoek has re-affirmed to the residents of Windhoek, especially pensioners and vulnerable residents that their plan to register and write-off debts owned to Council and reduce rates payable to Council is still ongoing.
The City has confirmed that residents can go to the Community Development Centre in Katutura to be registered, but after they are registered the City will investigate thoroughly to make sure that, everyone who registered deserves to be on the list.
“We do not want to write-off the debts of people that can afford to pay their rates and are trying to take advantage of the situation,” he added.
They embarked on this exercise in November 2015 and the Mayor has confirmed that they are busy putting together a criteria that will be used as a basis for qualifying the pensioners and vulnerable residents during the evaluation process. “In carrying out this exercise, it is our belief that it will go a long way in alleviating the plight of our pensioners and the vulnerable,” emphasised the Mayor.
His Worship also said that their door will remain open for consultations and other discussions aimed at the betterment of the living standards of the residents. “We will continue with our consultative governance through community meetings and other platforms, where we will be promoting ‘governing together’ a process which allows for participatory leadership,” he said.
He added that he has advocated to declare qualifying properties owned by pensioners to be declared non-rateable, and he invites them to approach The City should they find difficulties in their accounts, while a long term solutions are being found.
The City has identified approximately 2 200 vulnerable residents to date, who’s debts amount to approximately N$7,5 million, while the total amount of money that residents of Windhoek owe the City is approximately N$500 million.
The process will still be a long one before it will be implemented, because it is still at its first stage, where the Council is still setting up the rules.

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