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Become an Okanti Friends for only N$50 a month

Become an Okanti Friends for only N$50 a month

Sammy Lawrence, Nadezna Swanepoel and again Marita Schuenemann last week joined the ranks of the Friends of the Month circle of the Okanti Foundation when they were selected as the January recipients of this small gesture of gratitude. All three immediately donated their tokens back to the Foundation.
The Okanti Foundation announced in November last year, it will hold a monthly Friends of the Month draw among regular contributors who commit to a running monthly donation of at least N$50. The first three Friends of the Month, Rihetta Swart, Jolene Nell and Dr Marita Schuenemann were drawn in December.
Founder of the Okanti Foundation, Mrs Michaela Tietz said “This additional donation of N$2500 will be used to partly cover medication for our 5th beneficiary, Ms. Nadia Meyer (22), who requires expensive medication for pain management due to her special multiple medical conditions. Nadia’s medication cost is in the region of N$5000 per month, of which the medical aid covers the first 6 months only. After the limits at the medical aid have been exhausted, Okanti Foundation steps in to support Nadia. We are fortunate to have enlisted the assistance of Pro Park Pharmacy in Swakopmund, who voluntarily forfeit 40% of their mark-up on the expensive medication to make funds last longer. We are very grateful for this compassionate and generous gesture!
The January Friends of the Month were selected by Mrs. Sharita Visser in the presence of Chartered Accountant Mr. Guenter Pfeifer and executive trustee and founder Mrs Tietz. Sharita has a long-standing bond with the Foundation as the sister of its 2nd beneficiary, the late Patrick Farmer, who received a liver transplant in 2010.

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