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Bikers to compete in BW Enduro

Bikers to compete in BW Enduro

The ‘valley of a thousand turns’ track will once again see riders take their motorbikes and quads out for a spin as they are geared up for the 2016 Bank Windhoek Namibia National Enduro Championships set for this weekend.
The wait is over for enthusiastic Enduro bikers and spectators as the races will kick off on Saturday.The first race event, will be held at Farm Omakwara in the Witvlei area, 170km east of Windhoek.
Riders will compete against each other on the track which is known by many of them as the ‘valley of a thousand turns’. Riders love this track as it is physically less demanding on the body and therefore is the perfect race to kick off the 2016 championships.
In the national motorbike classes up to 200 cc, 2015 championship winner, Ingo Waldschmidt will be racing his new KTM XCW 200 against Marcel Henle and Jorn Greiter.
A motorbike or quad bike, protective clothes and a helmet will be enough to come out and have some fun. There will be a separate class for the fun riders to enter in as well as a kiddies track which is approximately 500m in length and will be free of charge to enter.
The senior men motorbike class promises close results with 2015 championship winner Sven Schneidenberger (KTM) being challenged by Frank Ahlreip (KTM), Martin Diekmann (KTM) and Kai Hohmeier (KTM). In the senior men quad category, 2015 champion Dimo Eloff (Honda) will probably not be entering as he is starting to study abroad. Among others, Lotraion van Wyk (Honda) and Gary Rowland (Honda) will be contending for the title in 2016.
In the ladies quad class, Maike Bochert (Honda), Shannon Rowland (Honda) and Claire Brendel (Honda) are ready for another exciting season. In 2015, Brendel and Rowland competed up to the final events for second and third position overall, while Bochert dominated throughout.

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