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State of art public transport

State of art public transport

On the 1st of February the public and the media were invited by the City of Windhoek to test and experience the comfort of the new MOVE buses.
The City of Windhoek said that they are pleased with the progress that they have achieved so far with the operation of the new buses.
Scheifeit Shigwedha, Internal Communications Officer, at The City confirmed that the customers were very excited and happy that The City is improving the bus services. “We are equally excited, because the new services brings a frequent and reliable bus service which will give more freedom to the customers to travel anywhere in The City at an affordable price,” announced Shigwedha.
Shigwedha also explained that the new buses have two doors, the front door is only for entering, while the back door is only for exit, and entering and exit for persons in wheelchairs. “The two doors are among the new features on the new buses and the advantage is that this will fasten the stopping time at the bus stops and passenger exit and boarding, so the whole journey will be faster,” he emphasised.
He added that the buses also have cameras installed for the safety of passengers and drivers. The bus also has buzz for passengers intending to disembark. 20 of the 26 buses have already arrived and The City is expecting the remaining six to arrive before the end of February.
The Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan, consist of three parts, the public transport via buses thus new modern buses, trains, which are going to be electrical and non motorised transport, to integrate pedestrian walk ways and bicycle lanes on City road.
Mr George Mayumbelo, Strategic Executive for Community Services at The City said that it is frightening for pedestrians to cross the roads in The City and that a mind shift in the designs of roads is needed in order to accommodate cyclist, buses lanes and pedestrian walk ways. “Plans are also under way as a pilot phase to convert the Monte Christo road into the first road in the City that will accommodate none motorised facilities and that N$10 million, has already been committed by government for this exercise, which will have bicycle lanes and pedestrian walk ways,” he concluded.
For the buses, N$5 is charged per trip if passengers are using smart cards, those paying with cash will be charged N$6, but The City plans to have different fares for different zones, which will be communicated to the public once implementation is ready.

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