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New publishing company opened

New publishing company opened

Bryony van der Merwe, a well known writer and publisher, recently announced with excitement that she has started a new publishing house, Martial Publishing. She informed the Economist that even though she has left Wordweaver Publishing, she gained a lot of experience during the four years that she was there.
“I am working from home at the moment and these are exciting times for me and my company, and the first book that my company will launch is, ‘With Footfalls of Shadow, prophecy of the Hundred Year’s King’ written by Donogan Sawyer, on 19 March 2016 in Swakopmund,” she explained.
She added that she only plans to publish and launch three books every year, so that she can concentrate more on marketing and making the books internationally and locally acclaimed. “We are committed to producing high quality books and believe in the importance of personal relationships between our authors and our clients, we pay attention to detail,” says Bryony.
Bryony is not sure when Martial Publishing will be officially launched, but she plans to keep her clients, writers and the public informed, of the date.
John R Wheeling, uses the pseudonym Donogan Sawyer, for his fantasy work in order to separate it from his literary fiction and non fiction. He has also launched Leisure Times Magazine, which is an annual guidebook about Namibia.

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