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Upskilling financial services sector

Upskilling financial services sector

The Bank of Namibia this week boosted the academic aspirations of eight undergraduates in support of government goals to broaden the reach of quality education regardless of socio-economic situation. The bursary award ceremony was attended by elated parents, the undergraduates and Bank of Namibia employees. The Deputy Governor, Mr Ebson Uanguta said the bursaries were allocated for studies in the fields of Economics, Finance, Accounting, IT and Education specializing in Mathematics and Science which are relevant to the gaps in the Namibian job market. From the left are Sandra Nchindo, Emilia Gabriel, Catherine Goagoeses, Deputy Governor Ebson Uanguta, Teopolina Simon, Hamuti Roy Imanuel, and Peter John Cooper. The central bank’s bursaries are awarded to hardworking and deserving young students who would otherwise not have been able to afford tertiary education in their chosen fields.To date, the Bank of Namibia has availed 67 undergraduate bursaries, excluding 23 current bursary holders studying at various universities. (Photograph by Zorena Jantze)

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