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Go out there and be yourself

Go out there and be yourself

With the bigger picture of growing the country’s local skills base and driving economic growth, Standard Bank recently awarded full-time bursaries to five high-performance students.
The bursaries, which were handed over on the 20th of January this year to form part of the bank’s contribution and commitment to the education sector of the country.
The bursary programme is part of Standard Bank’s strategy to support Namibians achieving critical qualifications, especially where skills are scarce in the areas of chartered accountants, property evaluations and actuarial science.
Speaking at the bursary award ceremony, Standard Bank’s Chief Executive Vetumbuavi Mungunda encouraged the bursary recipients to study hard throughout their academic life.
“Every successful person is successful because of hard work. It is not only your parents who want you to succeed, but also us as the Bank and we will be closely be monitoring your academic progress. We have started a relationship with you and we look forward to developing your skills and for you to become future employees of Standard Bank. To gain more experience you can also come and work for us in the branches during your holidays,” he encouraged the young recipients.
Echoing the same sentiments Standard Bank’s Head of Human Capital, Isdor Angula said the bursary programme is geared for driving growth through the development of young people to gain qualifications in highly sought-after qualifications in the market. “Go out there and be yourself. We want to see the type of exceptional results that you have achieved in Grade 12. During your years of study at university, work hard to maintain your bursaries because it is not by luck that you were chosen but because of your hard work and exceptional academic achievements,” he said.
Standard Bank considered the following criteria for selecting bursary recipients: student academic performance; demographic representation; field of study; academic results and bursary commitment.
The Standard Bank bursary recipients for 2016 are Aron Muyamba, UNAM, Computer Science; Anza Celest Lombard, NUST, Property Studies; Petrus Nathinge, UCT, Actuarial Science; Bianca Mungunda, UCT, Actuarial Science; and MwenyoFelicia, UCT, Accounting.

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