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Buy a Brick to improve peoples lives

Buy a Brick to improve peoples lives

The overall response for the ‘Buy a Brick’ Project which from both members of the public and from corporates has been positive, according to Advocate Sigrid Tjijorokisa, Group Company Secretary of Standard Bank.
“The Project is for the benefit of the Shack-dweller’s Federation of Namibia, which aims to improve the living conditions of poor people, living ins shacks, rented rooms and without any shelter with a focus on women’s participation,” she explained.
Tjijorokisa added that separate accounts have been created both by Standard Bank and the Shack-dweller’s Federation for the purpose of the project and both will be subject to audit to ensure the transparency of the process.
“Annual reports will be issued by the Federation to report on utilisation of the funds and there will be extensive media coverage of the funds and building progress from June to September 2016, where significant donors will be recognised,” she added.
“Everyone deserves a decent place to call home,” said Sigrid. “I urge everyone, whether individual or corporate to help us make this most worth while initiative a success,” she added.
Currently, Standard Bank is selling token bricks in the form of erasers to the corporate and members of the public throughout Namibia at a minimal cost of N$5 per brick, which are available throughout their branch networks nationwide.
All funds collected will be handed over to the Shack dweller’s Federation at a formal ceremony in March 2016 and this is an annual project running between October and February as long as the need for housing amongst this income group in Namibia persists.

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