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Film explores sexuality of African women

Satin Rouge explores the sexuality of middle-aged African womenA film exploring the sexual experiences of a middle aged African woman will be debùting at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre on 16 May.
The Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, in conjunction with AfricAvenir, will showcase the premiere of the Tunisian film, Satin Rouge. The film is directed by the renowned film-maker, Raja Amari.
Satin Rouge mainly focuses on the sexual experiences of a middle aged woman named Lilia, who follows her teenage daughter during one of her nights out where she explores the night life and the western world. Lilia then discovers a cabaret, where she enters to find women dancing in skimpy outfits and becomes both intrigued and horrified by what she discovers.
Lilia’s desire to find her own individuality and break the moralistic mould of her upbringing has her frequenting the cabaret and the other dancers befriend her, and before she knows it she is belly deep into the dance scene herself. As the plot thickens and romance develops, Lilia and her daughter both find themselves learning more about life than either of them bargained for.
The director and screenwriter of the film, Raja Amari, was born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1971. She trained as a dancer at the Conservatoire de Tunis and has a degree in Romance language with a focus on art history from the University of Tunisia. Amari also wrote other films including ‘Le bouquet’, (The Bouquet) ‘Avril’, (April), and ‘Une Soir’ de Juiliet (One night in July).
‘Satin Rouge’ won the Public prize for the Best African Film at the Montreal World Film Festival, and the New Director’s Showcase Awards at the Seattle International Film Festival. The film will be shown at the FNCC on 16 May at 18h30. Entrance is free.

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