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Army, navy, air force converge in Walvis

Army, navy, air force converge in Walvis

Thirty nine senior officers of the Namibian Defence Force, together with comrades from the Malawian and Zambian Defence Forces last week completed a Strategic Leadership Programme conducted by the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and Cranfield University.
The course director, Colonel Martyn Forgrave of the UK Army said ‘This has been a highly successful and rewarding course; I have been impressed by the level of engagement by the delegates. It has been a real pleasure returning to Namibia’. Edward Hauanga, Director of Education and Training in the Namibian Ministry of Defence, stated: ‘The Strategic Leadership Programme has provided our students with the analytical tools to organise, evaluate, and efficiently build an outcome driven organisation.’ This was the second time a leadership development course was done by the Defence Academy for the Namibian Defence Force.

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