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SME’s fight poverty

JA-Front-PicDevelopment of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has taken centre-stage in the country. Support of the sector include mentorship programmes, training as well as the provision of business premises, like the SMEs Incubation Centre in Katutura. Some SMEs have taken advantage of government’s initiative and have been hard at work making sure their businesses stay competitive. One such determined entrepreneur is Penny Petrus (in the picture), owner and manager of Twins Boutique. Petrus runs Twins Boutique from the SMEs Incubation Centre in Katutura at stall A-13 from Monday to Sunday between 08:00 and 17:00. Her business offering ranges from designing, making traditional attires, school uniforms, curtains, duvets as well as alterations, mending and tailoring services (Photograph by Johanna Absalom)

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