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City supports youth sport

Idle youths living in Windhoek’s informal settlements are the target for the City of Windhoek Informal Settlement Sports Tournament, an annual event that has been mooted by the city fathers.
The city’s Department of Economic Development and Community Services plans to facilitate an annual sporting event involving soccer and netball teams in Windhoek’s informal settlement areas starting this year.
This announcement was made at the monthly councilors meeting that was held on Monday. The games are geared towards providing teams within the informal residential areas an incentive to continue sports and engage in recreational activities.
The sports programme which is also aimed at improving the lives of residents at all levels will bring sports teams within the informal suburbs closer to mainstream sports.
“The national federations do not cater for this group of sport persons and the gap between the lower league teams and those in the informal settlement areas is extremely wide” a report from the city says
Although the tournament is meant for both soccer and netball teams, only soccer teams will be accomodated this financial year.
The exact date for the start of the games is yet to be confirmed. The tournament will be organised  in close corporations with the Katutura Soccer development Project.
Tournaments  will be composed of youth teams which participate in regular soccer activities using formal and informal pitches around the city and all councilors will attend according to the participating teams constituency.

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