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Killing for peace of mind

Killing for peace of mind
By Natasha Gaoses

By Natasha Gaoses

If I have to sit back and think about all these unspeakable things happening in this world, I may as well just go mute. One would say the world is coming to an end, as it is written.
When I have to look at our country’s crime rate, it is a very shameful thing to take in, for a country with a population as small as ours. As much as there are crime prevention groups that warn us daily to stay away from crime and or violence, it just gets worse by the week.
Authorities do their utmost best to hold campaigns regarding crime and violence to teach us how to solve problems better. The law does their best to give the maximum sentencing in court to give the law breaker their deserved sentence and to set an example for those who are thinking of committing a crime; still, some people out there show no sense of fear or remorse.
It is hard to feel safe anywhere nowadays, because you just never know who is spying on you to attack you. The stories you hear and read in the news nowadays are getting more ridiculous. How does a person murder someone over a N$1 cigarette and expect to walk away a free person? It is as if that person who has been killed has been cut out of a tree and does not have any family that are going to mourn for them.
The scary part is, this does not just happen in rare cases such as the case with the cigarette. Some people can be married to a spouse for decades but a sudden lust for money overcomes them and they kill their partner. Now is that how you say “’Till death do us part?”
I do think the country is doing its best and taking the issue of crime very seriously. And if the government were to take even stricter measures in dealing with crime, I would be their biggest supporter. I believe the government should give the maximum sentences so that anybody thinking of committing a crime can remember these cases and hopefully stay away from crime.
However, I do wonder how effective all of this has been, seeing as crime is still a major problem. And what if we had more rallies and conventions that spread awareness about making more peaceful choices? But as I stated earlier, there are so many of those already.
It might take a long time to come up with a fixed solution. In the meantime, people will continue kill others over their own sweat. Unfortunately, until more and more people really examine their thoughts before they become actions, many innocent people will lose their lives due to bad decisions. I just wish that people could understand how nothing is worth taking a life that belongs to somebody else, no matter what.
Yes, the love of your life may have walked out on you to be with someone else, but you need to walk away with your pride and work on your peace of mind without doing something crazy like killing a person. And yes, you may have bought drinks for someone and they refused to pay you back, but when that person is in the grave and you are locked up in a prison cell, who is the real loser?
Let us really take the time to look and think about these issues before we end up in situations that are out of line. Let us avoid creating such deep regrets.
If you want to achieve something in life simply work for it and do not give up working for it until it works for you. If you do not want someone in your life, move on and let the person go in peace. We are already dying daily of natural causes. Nobody is perfect but who said we cannot try to fix our hearts to do the right thing?

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