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Agra DIY depot to sprout in Okahandja

Agra DIY depot to sprout in Okahandja
The DIY Depot store in Okahandja, which was painted, and will still be branded, in the corporate colours of DIY Depot.

The DIY Depot store in Okahandja, which was painted, and will still be branded, in the corporate colours of DIY Depot.

Agra’s first DIY Depot franchise store will open its doors for business on 12 February in Okahandja. This addition to Agra’s business adds to the existing product range of Agra and expands its clientèle to include contractors, home renovators, property developers and DIY enthusiasts.
The DIY Depot has already been incorporated as part of the Agra Hyper retail store that opened its doors in 2015. Okahandja, a fast growing feeder town for Windhoek and conveniently situated on the Trans Kalahari Highway, was identified as the first location to establish Agra’s first stand alone the DIY Depot.
The previous Agra retail store building in Okahandja has been renovated and refurbished to host the DIY Depot. The building and yard facilities provide enough space to offer clients a wide range of DIY products of high quality from well-known hardware brands. A large variety of products are available for building; plumbing; electrical; landscaping and gardening; swimming pool; automotive; flooring; welding; painting; tools and lighting.
Agra has its foot firmly in the agricultural industry as provider of products and services. To ensure Agra’s sustainability and continuous support to this industry despite the cyclical nature of agriculture and its effect on Agra’s business, Agra embarked on strategic diversification of its product and service offering.
Through the systematic addition of a large range of product lines at Agra retail and wholesale and now the addition of the DIY Depot as part of Agra’s business portfolio, Agra continues to service its farming clients as well as a wider spectrum of new clients.
The establishment of the DIY Depot created nine new job opportunities and career development opportunities. Jean Nel, who has been in Agra’s service as buyer for more than two years, was appointed as supervisor for DIY Depot. Staff members have already received customer service and merchandising training and will be ready to serve customers when the shop opens its doors for business on 12 February.
Customers from Okahandja and surrounding areas can look forward to more shopping convenience in a spacious shop, lots of free parking space; knowledgeable staff and a huge variety of products to choose from, whether it is for refreshing a room in your home, a small handyman job or a larger building contract – DIY Depot will have it.

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